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Choose Your Own Adventure

by on January 28, 2014

Another day, another film adaptation of your favorite piece of nostalgia: According to The Hollywood Reporter, Reno 911 duo Robert Ben Garant and Thomas Lennon, prolific writers, The State and Reno 911! alumni, and scribes of the Night at the Museum franchise, are in final talks to pen Fox’s adaptation of the Choose Your Own Adventure book series. We’re The Millers director Rawson Marshall Thurber has closed his own deal to direct.

The Choose Your Own Adventure series, created by Edward Packard, was any young reader’s dream: you were the star in each novel’s story. (The tagline literally read, “You’re the star of the story!”) A second-person narrator described the set-up and cast of characters, and every few pages you were forced to make a choice that would either take you further into your adventure or result in a disastrous end.

Choose Your Own Adventure

From 1997 to 1998, Bantam Books published hundreds of these interactive books, written by Packard and others. (Chooseco revived the series in 2006.) Genres ranged from murder mystery to sci-fi, and included gems like Space and Beyond, The Forbidden Castle, Secret of the Pyramids, Vampire Express, and of course, the original Choose Your Own Adventure, The Cave of Time. I suppose Garant and Lennon are an appropriate pair to tackle the ‘80s book series, considering their facility with goofy, kid-friendly flicks, but which adventure will they choose? Potentially, they could take elements of one story, or several, or maybe even find a way to incorporate the entire world of Choose Your Own Adventure.

One thing is certain: there will be wacky hijinks. Hopefully there will be an extra silly rewind effect to show you, dear viewer, what other path you could have taken. And, if they’re anything like me, they’ll flip a few pages back, beat the system, and wrangle themselves a perfect ending.