The folks at Zenimax-Online didn’t pull any punches when casting voice roles for their upcoming Elder Scrolls MMO. Today we received our first look at the folks who will be bringing the characters of Elder Scrolls Online to life, and it is quite the star-studded group.

ESOcastJohn Cleese will be taking the role of Sir Caldwell, an “endearingly mad lost soul” who fears no one that stands before him. Bill Nighy will play High King Emeric, a merchant prince. Kate Beckinsale will be voicing Queen Ayrenn, the ruler of the Aldmeri Dominion and Queen of The High Elves. They even brought aboard the original Wonder Woman, Lynda Carter, to reprise her Elder Scrolls: Skyrim role of Azura. Those are just several of the big names that are taking a part in the game. The cast also includes Alfred Molina, Malcolm McDowell, Michael Gambon, Jim Ward, and Peter Stormare. Holy crap, I guess that explains the game’s $14.99 per month subscription fee.

Elder Scrolls Online officially launches April 4 on the Mac and PC, and on home console platforms this summer. For more insight and details on the voice cast reveal, check out the video down below.

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