Meet The Man Of Plastic In THE LEGO MOVIE’s New Trailer

Get ready to have your inner (or outer) child relentlessly tickled with the latest trailer for The LEGO Movie. There’s a lot of epic music, a lot of plastic, a lot of chuckles to be had and a lot of that divine voice of Morgan Freeman that we all love. For the full effect, make sure you put on a nice pair of headphones before viewing the following:

We’re only a week away from the release of The LEGO Movie here in the U.S., with the movie landing in theaters a week later for the U.K. If that trailer didn’t convince you to hit the cinemas opening weekend to see this, maybe this bit brought to us by our very own Alicia Lutes will get you on board. And if that doesn’t do it… well, come on, there’s Batman and unicorn cats; you’d be insane to not at least watch this movie one time.

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