FLEMING: THE MAN WHO WOULD BE BOND Kicks off Tonight on BBC America

Oh, Mr. Bond. Men want to be him and women want to … uh… be WITH him. Tonight, the new mini-series Fleming: The Man Who Would Be Bond premieres, and we’ll get a dramatic look at the life of the author who created 007. Dominic Cooper is looking pretty dashing in the lead role, but don’t take my word for it – here’s a preview:

The character of Bond, James Bond wasn’t just a flight of fancy. It came straight from Ian Fleming’s own experience working for Britain’s Naval Intelligence Division during World War Two. So expect a lot of rakish behavior, intrigue and derring-do.

As a bonus: Here’s a little behind the scenes look at the series:

While we’re on the subject, be sure to check out the James Bonding podcast with Matt Mira and Matt Gourley. And feel free to chime in down in the comments with the actor you think would make the perfect Bond.

Fleming: The Man Who Would Be Bond starts tonight (Wednesday, 1/29) at 10/9c on BBC America. And in the U.K., look for it starting February 12 on Sky Atlantic.

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