False Alarm: Homeland Security Called in on Google Glass Explorer

The future is now, so hide your books from the thought police or whichever mixed metaphor from high school English class you so choose, and get this:

A Google Glass Explorer went out for what he thought was just your average date night, taking in a movie with his wife at an AMC Theater in Columbus, Ohio. He bought two tickets to Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit, but he got a whole lot more than he bargained for.

An hour into the movie, our intrepid Explorer was removed from the theater by Federal Agents, who put him through hours of intensive questioning hoping to suss out “the big guy” at the top of an assumed bootleg movie cartel. Said Explorer had turned off Google Glass’ recording capabilities before entering the theater, but had recently put in prescription lenses and needed them to see.

After three hours’ interrogation, the Explorer convinced the Feds – later confirmed as Department of Homeland Security representatives – of his innocence, and was compensated for his troubles by a Motion Picture Association of America rep (they were the ones who called in the agents with their pirating concern) with four free tickets. Admittedly, they’d been having bootleg troubles at that particular theater, but calling in the Feds seems like a bit much.

Read more about the incident in the Columbus Dispatch.

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  • Actually the FBI is the ones who handle this, if you ever actually read the anti piracy and copyright warning at the beginning of the movie, it comes from the FBI..Now in saying that, why was it the DHS and not the FBI is the better question

  • Couldn’t they wait till he finished watching the flick? It amazes me how much pull the MPAA has that they can get a bunch of federal officers to a local theater in an hour. And the fact that they questioned him for several hours when it only would have taken a few minutes to see that the glasses hadn’t recorded any of the movie.

    Guess they just wanted to make a “statement”.

  • I read the original article yesterday and still think it’s bulls#it. It doesn’t seem to be reliably, first-hand verified. It seems extremely suspicious based on the supposed type of law enforcement involved. That and I almost positive that prescription lenses are not a possibility yet for Google Glass.

  • DHS: I assume you read the confidential findings report from the investigating committee.
    FBI: I flipped through it.
    DHS: I was especially interested in the section on the man’s video unit. The one that recorded the static?
    FBI: Continue.
    DHS: The fact that it recorded static isn’t what interests me.
    FBI: [pauses] Continue…
    DHS: What interests me is that it recorded approximately 1 hour of it.
    FBI: That is interesting, isn’t it?

    Four free tickets as restitution?! Fuck that, give me an Academy screener.

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