Colin Jost Replacing Seth Meyers as SNL Weekend Update Co-Anchor

As The Sochi Winter Olympics near, NBC is preparing for his biggest and what will probably be their most smooth transition in late night programming ever. Jay Leno will step down as host of The Tonight Show in a couple of weeks, which will then be “starring” Jimmy Fallon. In turn, Late Night with Jimmy Fallon will become Late Night with Seth Meyers. As Meyers was the co-anchor at Saturday Night Live‘s Weekend Update, the slot was open, and this week SNL head writer and stand up comedian Colin Jost was announced to take his place alongside the other Weekend Update co-anchor, Cecily Strong.

It’s one of the few instances in television in these days of radical changes to production and distribution models where there seems to be a semblance of natural progression and hierarchy.

At first glance, Jost bares a slight resemblance to another comedian, Anthony Jeselnik, but only a slight one, since Jost has no such villainous persona on stage. Jost actually goes for more minutiae in his comedy, as evidenced in his stand-up, which comments on the secrets behind men’s fashion choices and the real purpose of Facebook. In fact, he has a great comedic pedigree, being a writer at the Harvard Lampoon while majoring in history and literature at Harvard. The one and only Conan O’Brien, while at Harvard, did those same two things. Since then, he’s written at SNL for almost a decade and became a head writer at the show.

As far as SNL’s Weekend Update is concerned, Jost seems to be a good candidate for the gig in replacing Meyers, with a clean cut look, solid delivery, and good presence, tough, the real test will to be seem how he, Cecily Strong, and characters like Bobby Moynihan’s Drunk Uncle will vibe together. Meyers’ last episode is slated for February 1st, and Jost will be on camera every week as opposed to every once in awhile when he does stand-up on TV.

To further familiarize yourself, here’s Jost’s Fallon set

…and an interview after The Just For Laughs Montreal Comedy Festival.

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