Chris Hardwick Guests On Grantland’s Andy Greenwald Podcast

andygreenwaldheadshotChris Hardwick on a podcast… that isn’t his own? Right here. It all started with Grantland’s Andy Greenwald taking a shot at Mr. Hardwick in a column that criticized the sudden explosion of media interest in nerd culture, leading to a civil exchange in emails, and now, awwww, they’re all good. And that mutual respect comes through as Chris guests on The Andy Greenwald Podcast. hardwickatmidnightgrantlandAndy even admits that Chris is “not worse than Hitler,” so that’s a major concession. (Yeah, it’s when they talk about Internet commenters. Godwin’s Law and all that.) It’s an interesting discussion of comedy, culture, life, and much more.

And you can hear it over at ESPN and Bill Simmons’ Grantland by clicking here.

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