Celebrate 100 Episodes of PARKS AND RECREATION

This Thursday, January 9th, NBC’s Parks and Recreation will be airing its 100th episode. That’s an astonishing achievement for any show, but for one that’s been on the ratings bubble since the beginning, despite winning with critics and the internet community, it’s downright monumental. It’s rare that any series is as funny or heartfelt as this, or that its characters could be the subject of more memes. Ron Swanson alone could be the basis for any organized religion. Each character compliments the others and the world of Pawnee, IN, has become populated with people even further out of their minds than the leads. Leslie Knope is, somehow, one of the least eccentric people in the town.

In advance of the airing of the episode, entitled “Second Chunce,” in which Leslie devises a way to stay on the City Council, NBC has put together a 20-minute retrospective in which each of the actors on the show talks about their favorite moments and episodes from the past six years. Except Aubrey Plaza who decides to stand in a tree and do fake bird calls. As is her wont. There’s even a brand new song from Perd Hapley!

The new episode airs Thursday at 8:30/7:30c on NBC. Give the above video a watch, then share your own favorite Pawnee memories in the comments below. We promise not to be like Ron Swanson and ignore them entirely.

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