Cancel Your Weekend Plans: Stream GARGOYLES on YouTube (Legally)

Public service announcement: you can legally stream the entire first season of Gargoyles on YouTube right now. Actually, we’ve been able to do so for a while. Disney Shows uploaded the episodes well over a year ago, but no one really took notice at the time. And that is a crying shame.

Gargoyles aired from 1994-1996. Even though I was glued to the television in those days, the series wasn’t on my radar. I’m sure I’m not the only one who missed out, and I only recently remedied the oversight. Now, since we’re all aware it’s easy and free to watch, no one has an excuse.

Why should you spend your time watching a cartoon from the ’90s? Here are a few compelling reasons: Beautiful and moody art, complex characters, and interesting world-building. Bonus: you can play the “name the actor from Star Trek: The Next Generation” game, since a few cast members provide voices in Gargoyles.

Clear your schedule for five hours this weekend, get comfortable, and watch Goliath and his clan glide over the skies of New York City. You won’t regret it. Tell us about your favorite member of the Gargoyles clan in the comments.

HT: Oh My Disney

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