BREAKING BAD and FACTS OF LIFE Mashup Imagines a Happier World For Walter White

Say what you will about 80’s sitcom The Facts of Life, it’s hard to deny the series features a catchy theme song. The intro discusses the good and the bad, the ups and downs, and the facts of life. On the surface, it doesn’t seem like it would be possible to match the theme up with the much darker Breaking Bad, but it works surprisingly well.

YouTube user Robert Jones apparently didn’t find Breaking Bad’s brief intro to be sufficient, so he cut choice scenes together and applied the lively tune from The Facts of Life. It’s refreshing to think of Walter White and his family having a lighter, sitcom-style life in which the biggest trouble is Blair peeking in someone’s diary. I’m not saying I’d want to see this theme song before every episode, but they could have used it once in a while.

What would Walter White say about Breaking the Facts of Life? It’s a valid question to ask about all of your life choices, but in this case, he might not mind an extra dose of cheer. Goodness knows there’s enough bleakness in his world. He may not appreciate having the infectious song crawl into his head and play on repeat – and you might not either – but I think it’s worth it.

HT: Laughing Squid

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