BATMAN Sixties Television Series Headed To DVD

After a good year or so of speculation, it appears that the classic 1966 ABC version of Batman is finally coming to home video this fall. Although the character of Batman is the property of Warner Brothers and has been for decades, the television series was produced before that by Twentieth Century Fox, which still owns the rights to the series.  But last year, Warners got the rights to all merchandise and media related to the series from Fox, which is why DC Comics put out the Batman ’66 comic series, and you’re now seeing a flood of sixties-style Batman merchandise featuring Adam West, Burt Ward, and Julie Newmar in stores. But as for the series itself, it was still unavailable on DVD… until now.


The announcement came from an odd place, to be sure – talk show host Conan O’Brien’s Twitter account, where he said:

Warner Brothers confirmed the fact not long after, saying the series will arrive on DVD (and, presumably Blu-ray) in the fall in a complete series boxed set. Although the show only ran three seasons from 1966-68, the twice-a-week schedule in the first two years led to a fairly large amount of episodes being produced, 120 in all. Hopefully, we’ll get word on special features and other goodies soon. Also, I’d expect a large presence at San Diego Comic Con as well to promote the series.


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