25 X-MEN DAYS OF FUTURE PAST Characters Being Highlighted Today

Guys, it’s happening. Today may be a day many X-Men fans shed tears of joy, because the beautiful X-Men: Days Of Future Past madness has begun. We already knew a new trailer (which we’ll have here on later) was set to surface after Bryan Singer’s recent instagram tease. But alongside that is a slew of character close-ups by way of Empire magazine.

Among these magazine covers is something that none of the X-Men movies has yet included: one of the most prolific enemies in the X-men realm, the Sentinel Mark I.



Holy energy blasters, that is the embodiment of gloriousness. Definitely an improvement from the last time we saw the Mark I.




Anna Paquin As RogueUPDATE: Another interesting development from today, was the inclusion of Anna Paquin’s Rogue in the series of Empire Magazine covers that were unveiled on twitter. She was originally thought to had been axed from the movie, with her only action sequence not making the movie’s final cut, but with Rogue surfacing on one of the 25 Empire mag covers, the questions from many fans certainly began to fly. Empire Magazine answered everyone’s concern with a single tweet:



Looks like there’s a chance we may see Rogue in the movie after all. 23 other characters will have their Empire magazine covers unveiled throughout the day. We’ll be consolidating all of these covers here and updating them as they come in. Tell us which ones are your favorites down below.

To see what we think of the costumes and hear our shots at the Quicksilver costume, check out this episode of Nerdist News:

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