10 Reasons To Enter For A Chance To Meet MARK HAMILL And GEORGE LUCAS

George Lucas and Mark Hamill are on a quest to fulfill their duties as IRL-Jedi, guardians of peace in the galaxy. Kyle recently gave us the lowdown on the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to meet Lucas and Hamill, arranged in conjunction with the Omaze charity, to benefit the Make-A-Wish foundation.

Who better than Mr. Skywalker himself to give us more details on this amazing experince? Here’s Mark Hamill with ten reasons why you should enter:

To enter for a chance to win, force-click this link and donate before February 14 at 11:59p PT. The entries start at $10 and as stated before, all proceeds will be going towards the Make-A-Wish foundation, so as long as we’re helping the kids, everyone’s a winner!

And to the lucky folks who do end up going on this trip, remember to grab Mr. Hamill a satisfying helping of chips and guacamole; trust me, he’ll appreciate it more than you could fathom.

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