Venom, Sinister Six to Receive Their Own Spider-Man Spin-Offs

The fans asked for it, and now, here it is: The Spider-Man franchise will be stretching beyond Peter Parker on the big screen, as Sony Pictures Entertainment will be giving Venom and the Sinister Six their very own spin-off films. It looks like Sony Pictures is looking to expand the Spider-Man universe in a fashion similar to what Marvel Studios has done with The Avengers, though doing so through the villains’ perspectives differentiates their approach, and I must admit it sounds very intriguing.

Venom-Movie-Amazing-Spider-ManA small team of writers and producers that include Roberto Orci, Alex Kutzman, Jeff Pinkner, Ed Soloman, Drew Goddard, Avi Arad, Matt Tolmach, and Marc Webb will be collaborating to bring us a consistent plot and tone throughout the different movies. Orci, Kutzman, and Pinkner already have a foot in the rebooted Spider-Man universe, having wrote this year’s upcoming The Amazing Spider-Man 2, which was also produced by Arad and Tolmach. Marc Webb, of course, has directed the first two The Amazing Spider-Man films, and it’s assumed he’ll be back to direct the third one as well, accompanied by the same writers. All of this is sounding fantastic and what not, but the real question is, who do you all think should play Eddie Brock?

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