For those of you who still have yet to get in on the huffing and puffing madness of The Wolf Among Us, good news is abounding. Well, that’s assuming you’re an iOS user, as the game is slated to be hitting the iOS App Store this evening. It’s no secret that there’s been a vast amount of critical acclaim for The Wolf Among Us, which you can see in the “Accolades” trailer below.

Telltale also released an inside look at their recreation of the Fables universe, which should prove especially interesting to anyone who is unfamiliar with the comic series.

The first episode will be available in tonight’s iOS App Store update for $4.99. The full season will also be available at $14.99, and will of course include episodes 2-5. Speaking of episode 2, no official word on when to expect it yet, although The Walking Dead: Season Two‘s first episode (which is slated to hit later this month) should definitely tide us over until then.

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