STEAMOS Is Available For Download Right Now

Some of you may have been itching to get your hands on Valve’s Linux-based operating system SteamOS, so you’ll be happy to know that you can give it a spin right at this very moment. The custom version of Linux is available for download and comes with this nifty step-by-step FAQ for anyone trying to run it. All you need is a totally bare PC, 1GB (960MB, to be exact) of free space for the operating system, and basic knowledge on how Linux works. Keep in mind that the OS is still in beta, so if you don’t have experience using Linux, you may want to hold off for a more refined version next year.

SteamOSThe 300 Steam Machine beta units just started shipping yesterday, so folks should be receiving their controllers and consoles over the course of the next several days. I imagine we’ll see tons of cool videos showcasing how open the platform is once the modding experts and hackers get their hands on it. But if you weren’t so lucky to get into the beta program and want to take SteamOS for an early testdrive, we have you covered right here.

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