SNL Recap: Paul Rudd


This week’s Saturday Night Live was hosted by Paul Rudd, making the rounds to promote Anchorman 2. Here’s the recap:

Cold Open: Sound of Music 

A parody of this week’s Sound of Music Live show finds the cast performing the classic musical with a special addition: Kristen Wiig’s small handed and extremely bizarre Dooneese character. Whether you’re a fan of the character or not, It’s definitely more entertaining then the Carrie Underwood version (featuring a cameo from another former cast member, Fred Armisen).

Monologue: Afternoon Delight

Returning host Paul Rudd is upstaged by musical guests One Direction, who are apparently British, and is joined for an “Afternoon Delight” sing-off by fellow Anchormen Will Ferrel, David Koechner, and Steve Carell.

Politics Nation

Al Sharpton (Kenan Thompson) chats with political pundit Paul Rudd about politics, but mostly about how Al Sharpton doesn’t understand the concept of Zip Codes, or really much of anything.

One Direction; Concert Line

One Direction superfan Dan Charles (Paul Rudd) entertains himself and the very young and very female fellow “Directioners” (are they called that?) while they wait in line for a concert.

Divorce Meeting

A lawyer meeting for a couple of recent divorcees (Rudd and Bayer) is constantly interrupted by the ex-spouse’s love for a particular Fleetwood Mac soft-rock riff on the radio.

Weekend Update

Myers and Strong do their “daily news wrap-up” thing, and are joined by recent Bar Mitzvah boy Jacob (Vanessa Bayer) for a report on this year’s Chanukah and the game of Dreidel. Then speech-critic Jebediah Atkinson (Taran Killam) returns to share his not-so favorable reviews of some classic holiday films.

Michelangelo unveils David

Paul Rudd’s character Lorenzo is not so thrilled by the anatomical likeness of his statue, which just so happens to be Michelangelo’s famous “David.” Yup. It’s a sketch about that.

White Christmas

A coming attraction for the “first black holiday movie made exclusively for white audiences.” Not touching this one.

Santa Meeting

Santa’s elves are more than a bit concerned with their boss’ recent weight loss and lifestyle choices. Check out those glutes, huh!


Cecily Strong is reunited with the “memories” of her past; a string of progressively strange lovers, including Paul Rudd’s Victor… from the airport Papa Johns.

Bill Brasky

The Anchorman boys play some drunk salesmen, sharing stores of their good friend Bill Brasky, who doesn’t sound like much of a friend at all.

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  • I have to say that the first skit was hilarious, with Wiig being a wonderful sight to see again. Doonese was a perfect fit for the sketch. The rest of the show was bearable, with a few laughs here and there. I watched on Hulu, and unfortunately missed the Divorce/Fleetwood Mac skit, so I can’t give an opinion on that. Jay Pharoh in the “David” skit made it. The last skit with the Anchormen stars was a bust unfortunately. I do have to give props to Taran Killam, who is really on fire this year. Even when a skit is bad, he’s the best thing in it. Same for Kate McKinnon.

  • looking for the SNL Paul Rudd Skit aired Dec 7 or 8th with 1D about the divorce meeting and playing Fleetwood Mac “I don’
    t wanna know….if you know where I can find this skit please email the info. thanks