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Sex Nerd Sandra: Orgies & Animals - Part One! Live from Washington, DC!

ORGIES! PENGUINS! SPERM COMPETITION! Researcher Dr. Jamie Lawson, author Dr. Katherine Frank, and improv teacher Shawn Westfall join Sandra for part one of a wild ride through group sex and the animal kingdom! TOPICS: Improv, Pickup Artists, Doctor Who, Sexy Symmetry, Gay Penguins, Bed Bugs, Traumatic Insemination, Bonobo Penis Jousting, Scientific Bias, Interbreeding, Group Sex, Orgies, Tribal Ritual, Sex Party Context, Waiting in Line, Power, Newbies, Sperm Swamping, Religious Rituals, Hopeful Sex and the Significance of Being Watched. STAY TUNED FOR PART 2!


Katherine Frank is a cultural anthropologist (Ph.D. Duke University, 1999), sex researcher, and writer.  Her most recent book, “Plays Well in Groups: A Journey Through The World of Group Sex” (Rowman & Littlefield, 2013), explores the phenomenon of group sex across time and place.

Dr. Jamie Lawson: With a PhD in the evolutionary psychology of human mating strategy, he is currently interested in all aspects of human sex and sexuality, but particularly in investigating the links between sex (as a biological category system) and gender (as a socially constructed one), and the ‘origins’ of same sex attraction in humans and other species. His approach is strongly interdisciplinary as reflects his training in anthropology, archaeology and psychology. Follow him on Twitter; Answer his super sex survey here.

Shawn Westfall: The exclusive teacher of improvisational comedy at the DC Improv for more than six years, Shawn Westfall teaches classes in beginning improv, advanced short-form and long-form improv, as well as improv workshops focusing on character, long form, and non-traditional improv techniques. His classes (and the numerous performances they’ve generated) have been featured in the pages of The Washington Post, The Washington Post Express, Washingtonian magazine, as well on Washington Post Radio, DC 101, and WTOP Radio and most recently on The Food Network’s “Dinner: Impossible.” Follow him on Twitter.


Thanks to photographer Darian Glover for taking shots of the live show!