Report: FALLOUT 4 Revealed Through Casting Documents

Fallout 4 is real, and is set to take place in Boston, according to reports just in from the folks at Kotaku. This, after a recent elaborate hoax fooled the internet into believing the game would be revealed at the VGXs.

Kotaku obtained several casting documents which they claim to be 100% authentic. The casting documents include scripts, character dossiers, and other details about the next Fallout game, all while completely omitting the use of the name Fallout. The documents were said to not only be arranged by the same casting director who worked on previous Bethesda titles Dishonored and Skyrim, but to also include a slew of references that were staggeringly Fallout-related. Let’s take a look at one of the leaked documents to see what Kotaku pointed out, as well as something small I noticed that support the authenticity of the claim.


Kotaku highlighted a very important section of what appears to be the game’s intro, “War. War never changes.” This is the classic Fallout mantra that’s been uttered at the beginning of Fallout 1, 2 and 3. Another thing to take note of is the row of asterisks below the area that reads, “The Player narrates the game’s introduction.” There are 8 asterisks, which is equivalent to the number of characters that would be necessary if you typed out Fallout4. This could be stretching, but I’d like to believe that these are clues supporting the fact the Fallout 4 is in fact real and on it’s way.

There’s still no official word yet from the folks at Bethesda, so don’t double back flip out of your seats quite yet. These could have been casting documents from a Fallout game that was possibly canned and will never see the light of day. However, this bit of investigation from the folks at Kotaku is very convincing, and I’m hoping that we’ll be scampering about in a post-apocalyptic Boston sometime in the next couple of years.

Via: Kotaku

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