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by on December 3, 2013

Project Moonbase creators M.J. Loheed and Jeanne Begley, both of whom have a background in reality TV production, want to apply their skills to the creation of this ambitious new web series, but they need your help to pull it off. As you can see from the above video, their team intends to deliver a huge, sci-fi comedy pilot episode on a very modest budget, and it might be worth a few of your dollars to help make it happen.  The premise alone is worth (at the very least) the $5 dollar reward, which nabs you a digital iTunes download of the show:

In the year 2043 the space administration is grappling with budget cuts so they turn to Hollywood to find a way to keep their flagship project Moonbase Genesis going. In exchange for money to keep their base operational, the astronauts let a cast of reality TV rejects on board to create a show like “Big Brother” in space. Unfortunately, the moon is knocked out of earth’s orbit and into an uproarious sci-fi odyssey. Humanity’s least deserving ambassadors will meet alien cultures, tackle reality TV tropes and contend with zero gravity toilets.

Donor rewards all include a copy of the pilot, so if you like what you see, you can chip in a few bucks and score yourself a copy, but the creators are also offering t-shirts, patches, hats, a Blu-ray copy of the pilot, original production art and much more.

Run (don’t walk) to the Kickstarter page! You’ve got 34 days left to help make a TV pilot… IN SPACE!