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Peter O’Toole Passes Away At 81

by on December 15, 2013

Renowned actor Peter O’Toole died in London’s Wellington Hospital yesterday, according to his agent. O’Toole, who was best known for his role as T.E. Lawrence in Lawrence Of Arabia, was 81 when he passed.

His acting career kicked off on stage in England as a teenager, before steadily expanding onto television and then film. He landed his first major role in Lawrence Of Arabia before moving on to star in other great films such as Becket, The Lion In Winter, and The Stunt Man. He was nominated for eight Academy Awards over the course of his 54-year career before going into retirement less than a year ago. He is survived by his two daughters Patricia and Kate, and his son Lorcan.

O’Toole was an extremely charismatic presence on screen and his performances always succeeded in gripping some area of my emotions. Hell, the movie Venus was a clear display of how natural O’Toole’s acting abilities were, putting on stellar performances in the latter stages in his career. A legend in Ireland and the world, his contributions to film and theater will always be remembered and appreciated.