Pete Holmes’ Xavier Continues to Fire Mutants in Ex-Men

Pete Holmes, the lovable comic genius who just happens to have a damn fine podcast on this here site, has struck nerd comedy gold with his pitch perfect “Ex-Men.” In the bits, Holmes, as Professor Charles Xavier, has to downsize his team of mutant superheroes and unfortunately, some of your favorites don’t make the cut.

While Dan already shared Wolverine’s firing in the lead-up to the Pete Holmes Show on TBS, Pete hilariously went on to lampoon Gambit, Jubilee, Angel, Nightcrawler, and, most recently, Storm by giving viewers a hard dose of reality about what these characters are actually capable of. All of the sketches are in the playlist below, but definitely make sure to watch Gambit and Wolverine’s outtakes for some of the heartiest laughs.

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