New DOCTOR WHO ‘Time of the Doctor’ Pics

It is nigh on two weeks before Christmas, which means it’s nigh on two weeks until the Doctor Who Christmas special airs on BBC America at 9/8c, and we say our goodbyes to Matt Smith and our hellos to Peter Capaldi. “The Time of the Doctor” is going to be an emotional time, but it’s also going to be an exciting and possibly scary one, with the poster released last week showing us not one but five species of villains (Daleks, Cybermen, Weeping Angels, and Silence, with Sontaran battle ships flying overhead). They have just released a very intriguing bevy of pictures from the special, which include wooden Cybermen, some kind of Christmassy people, a puppet show featuring the Doctor and a Monoid (from the First Doctor story “The Ark”), and Daleks, Silence, and Angels on the apparent warpath. Oh heavens, what will become of our beloved Time Lord? Well, he’ll die, obviously, if only to become someone else. It’s kind of his thing.

What do you think of all this? Pretty exciting, isn’t it? If you had to be killed by one of the Doctor’s enemies, who would it be and why? Nothing to spread the holiday cheer like talking about death, eh?

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