Music Geek Track of the Week: Grizzly Bear, “Will Calls” (Diplo Remix)

This one’s intense, y’all.

Diplo went a little trigger happy and remixed the balls off of a new Grizzly Bear song, Will Calls, and the result is pure madness. Good madness. I think? Honestly I’m still recovering from my first listen, due to the fact that I never thought anything having to do with Grizzly Bear could sound like that, but also because I never thought I’d relate to the Key & Peele sketch about Dubstep. Don’t take my inability to commit to an opinion about this song as negative; The reason it needed to be shared is how impressed I was with Diplo’s ability to create something so bi-polar from the original track. It’s supposed to be moody, indie-rock but it’s turned into a song that I’d probably hear in spin class.

Give it a listen. I’m sorry if your nose bleeds.

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