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Jonah Raydio: The Exotic Episode

We have comedian Dana Gould and former Jonah Raydio guest Ronnie Barnett of The Muffs on this episode.

Check out Dana on TNT’s Mob City and get his album I Know It’s Wrong.  Don’t forget to also check out Dana’s own podcast The Dana Gould Hour.

Keep a lookout for a new record from The Muffs in April and follow Ronnie on the Instagram @DavidLeeRoth.

Jonah Raydio will be coming to SF Sketchfest February 8 at 1pm at Lost Weekend Video.

If you’re a fan of “yacht rock,” check out former Channel 101 show Yacht Rock.

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Featured Songs

Jackson Pollock” by Mother Ghost

Start Freaking Out” by Radkey

All I Need” by The Racoon Wedding

California” by Teenagers

I Don’t Know What To Do With My Hands” by Minor Alps

Pony Tail” by Break Time

On and On” by The Muffs