If Tim Burton Did DOCTOR WHO

In yet another example of how Reddit wins the internet, this triptych of animated gifs was shared and found its way to our eyeballs. The art is the work of artist MichaelthePure, and is spot on in a number of ways. The creepy motion drawings of the three Doctors featured in “The Day of the Doctor” perfectly embody both the essences of the characters and the Gothic macabre sensibilities of Tim Burton, with the big, sunken eyes, pale skin, and angular, jagged features. I’d watch a whole Doctor Who short animated in this way. Really, I’ll watch anything clever and about Doctor Who but I’m a man obsessed.

He also has done non-animated versions of all of the Doctors which are equally great.

What do you think of these? Should this artist do a Dalek, Cyberman, and Sontaran the same way (I say yes)? What other famous artists’ styles would you like to see these characters done in? Let us know below. Because, well, we don’t like living in a vacuum.

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