Google’s Robot Initiative Just Got Faster and More Agile

By now, you may have noticed the news that Google bought Boston Dynamics on Friday. What this means is that Google now controls this:

And this:

And this:

And this:

And this little guy:

The New York Times notes that Google has purchased eight robotics companies in the last half-year, placed under the control of former Android development boss Andy Rubin, and it all fits into the talk about perhaps using robots to deliver goods, or do certain jobs, or… well, what WILL they do with these things? Are they going all Terminator on us and creating an army of agile robots? (They’ve said no… but would YOU admit that if it was YOUR plan?) Might they be planning on ultimately selling them, a robot for every household? One thing they ARE doing, with DARPA in a contest, is developing robots to help in major disaster situations, like, say, sending them into Fukushima after the meltdown.

So this could be big stuff, with a company overflowing with cash and resources and big ideas going full steam on robotics development. Let’s say you’re Andy and you now have this advanced, super-fast, super-agile robotics technology at your disposal. What would you want to do with it? Would you want to take over the world or just make it a better place? Would you want to help people or do amusing things with it or both? (Both is good.) Imagine away in the comments….

HT: Laughing Squid

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