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Extended Doctor Who THE TIME OF THE DOCTOR Trailer

Time of the Doctor 4

by on December 18, 2013

The end of the Eleventh Doctor is very definitely nigh. In fact, it’s only one week away now, and BBC America has released this extended trailer for Matt Smith’s swan song, “The Time of the Doctor,” which shows us more of the Daleks, Cybermen, Silence, and Weeping Angels we knew about, but also a lot more of who seems to be behind the whole thing, i.e. the woman with the greasepaint over her eyes. Clearly she’s met the Doctor before, but who is she? It looks to be a very sad and heroic ending for Number Eleven, and one that will very likely lead to the biggest discussion in the coming months, that being how the Doctor could have more than 12 regenerations. I hope the answer we’re given is: “Who cares?”

Before the Christmas Farewell-Sad-Times will be an hour-long Farewell to Matt Smith special, in which the actor himself and others who worked with him will reflect on the four years of the Eleventh Doctor. Like it or not, Tennant fans, Smith is the Doctor who ushered in the biggest spike in popularity in this country ever, and to many he is THE Doctor. He’s certainly my one.

All the festivities kick off on BBC America Wednesday, December 25th, at 8/7c. Get your Kleenexes handy.