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DYING LIGHT Shows Off Fearsome Nightfall Gameplay


by on December 18, 2013

As kids, we never quite understood why our parents were so adamant about us getting indoors before nightfall. If you were anything like me, the phrase “it’s dangerous” seemed more like an invitation to explore Mother Nature’s “dark” side than a warning to avoid it. Little did we know our parents were simply getting us ready for Techland’s upcoming zombie slaying action-RPG, Dying Light, where the night time is your worst enemy.

This new Dying Light demo shows just how much more blood thirsty, agile, fast, and tenacious zombies get upon nightfall. It also shows the best way to react in situations where you find yourself outside after dark: RUN. Outside of the awesome nightfall dynamic, the game definitely has an intriguing play style that has often been referred to as a mashup between Mirror’s Edge and Dead Island. Not to mention the fact that the game looks pretty damn gorgeous. So this is how the next generation of zombie action-RPG titles will be eh? Sign me up please!