A COMMUNITY Teaser: ‘Mr. Winger’

It’s the indie feature you’ve been waiting for: Mr. Winger, the story of a fallen attorney who goes back to college as a student, and then becomes… a teacher! At the same school! It’s… it’s… very familiar…

Yes, it’s Community, and this video’s your first look at the Dan Harmon-ized new season, which starts on January 2nd on NBC. It’s “like Scrubs season 9, a revamp, a do-over,” as Abed notes. And it has Jonathan Banks, and Leonard, and a hug from the Dean, and Abed and Troy cleverly disguised, and thrown food and the vibe you want from your Greendale.

So, whaddya think? Does this make you more (or less) excited for the return of the prodigal showrunner? Comment below, please. We’ll grade on a curve.

HT: Los Angeles Times

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