Top Ten Musical Guests on the Simpsons


Remember when the Simpsons was mind-blowingly funny, and not just mildly watchable background programming? I do. I used to put on striped pajamas before my bedtime and catch reruns with my older brother and dad at the miniature white TV in our old kitchen. Much of the pop culture references flew over my head at the time but as a testament to the show’s brilliance I still bellowed my 7-10-year-old hear out. As I started buying the box sets of earlier seasons to see if they lived up to my nostaligia (they do, obviously) I really noticed just how hilariously poignant or irreverent (often both) every interpretation of music culture was in episodes that featured a musician/personality. So as a tribute to one of the best shows of all time and an excuse to watch youtube clips of the Simpsons, I have compiled my top ten favorite musical guest appearances or performances. Enjoy.

10. 50 Cent

9. The White Stripes

8. Barry White

7. George Harrison

6. James Brown

5. Robert Goulet


4. The Ramones

3. Weird Al Yankovic

2. Sonic Youth

1. Michael Jackson

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