The Princess Bride Is Coming To The Stage… Somehow

This article popped up on The Hollywood Reporter this morning, reporting that Disney has finally gotten its act together and teamed up with William Goldman, writer of the original novel and screenplay, to bring his 1973 fairy tale, The Princess Bride, to the stage. There is literally no more information than that. No creative team has been announced. No projected release date. They haven’t even stated if it will be a musical or not, although a good bet is that it will be.  While this news is exciting at first glance, as a die-hard fan of the film (and the novel, which is equal in awesomeness), I would like to respond to the news in a series of Princess Bride GIFs:

While my first reaction to this news was:

crazy eyes

…I soon grew concerned. What if they screw up something I hold so dear? How would I react? What would I say?


And yet…

decent fellow

Still, I should give fair warning: the idea of a TERRIBLE version of The Princess Bride is just:


It is nice to know that William Goldman will be involved because compared to him… well:


I’m going to put my faith into the conceit that this will be awesome and not cause me to scream:


I don’t want to end things on a negative note, so I’ll remind you all that Disney has a pretty good score so far when it comes to musical adaptations, so if they go down that road we will probably be in great shape. This means it’s only a matter of time before we get to see a Tony Award performance of the first hit single from the show:

as you wish

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