The Doctor Goes Katniss in THE DOCTOR GAMES

In a very funny, and very not-kid-friendly, mixture of The Hunger Games and the Doctor Who 20th Anniversary special, “The Five Doctors,” Brad Hansen gives us The Doctor Games, a scheme by the Master and a Dalek to have the different incarnations of the Doctor kill each other off one by one. Would they really do it? Well, a couple might. This one has all 13 (or 12.5) in a battle that includes Jelly Babies, laser guns, sonic screwdrivers, and of course fezzes. Inspector Spacetime himself, Travis Richey, even appears as the Twelfth Doctor, Peter Capaldi. How’s that fit ya?

Of course the Doctor would never kill if he could help it, except John Hurt, but this is still a pretty funny, and pretty apt, parody of both franchises. What other book or movie would you like to see a Doctor Who parody of? Who do you think would realistically win in a fight between all the Doctors? Let us know below.

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