That Was Quick! An Extended “Day of the Doctor” Trailer

No sooner have we marveled at the 41 second “Day of the Doctor” teaser do we get another one that’s 1 minute 20 seconds. We get a lot more interaction between the Doctors, a lot more glimpses of Rose, Time War stuff, a couple of well-known catchphrases, and even a shot (at 25 seconds in) of someone in the distance who sure does cut the same silhouette as the Eighth Doctor. Could it be?

DayDoc 2

By all reports, this is very similar to the Comic-Con footage, so now we all know what everybody was keeping secret, which is bloody impressive. I can’t wait to see Tennant and Smith as each other’s sidekick. I think it’s going to be brilliant. Sonic envy. Genius, love it. Does this trailer make you more or less excited? Or the same amount?

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