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TARDIS In Orbit Episode 4: Mylar Fever

TARDIS Project4

by on November 28, 2013

With the 50th anniversary of Doctor Who done and dusted, it’s close to time for a TARDIS to be sent into orbit. Alex and Robert Doyle, the intrepid Whovians who’ve taken on this Gallifreyan task, are putting plans together in the fourth episode of their web series. Today’s topic: Mylar! With the budget they have, size is a big factor, but in order to get the TARDIS the right size for deployment, they’re turning to Mylar, the thin metallic film many balloons are made of. The TARDIS really will be bigger on the inside once it expands to full size after takeoff. Just like a good TARDIS should. They’ll get to work on that just as soon as Alex stops thinking inhaling helium is funny. (Never gonna happen)

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