Music Geek Track Of The Week: Grizzly Bear, ‘Listen and Wait’

It’s November. Halloween is over but it’s not yet Thanksgiving. There’s always this three-week period where you’ve gotten a little taste of the holidays but then the universe is like, “Ha! You can’t have nice things!,” and you’re like, “But I want turkey!,” and then the universe is like, “You have to wait, fatty!,” and then you cry for a while…. So I sit here at my desk scrolling through Instagram photos of you lucky ducks on the east coast who at least get to see the leaves change, craving turkey and shedding tears. For this week’s track, I wanted a taste of winter, people! Luckily, I think Grizzly Bear gave to us just the thing.

Listen and Wait is a bonus track off their album Shields, and because Grizzly Bear WANTS us to have nice things, they will be releasing an expanded version of Shields later this month. It will include b-sides, demos and remixes. This song is slow and pretty, like the snow, if we want to get all metaphorical up in this business.

Listen and enjoy, perhaps with some hot cocoa or a Sominex.

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