Music Geek Bonus Track: Levels, ‘Regret’

I always think the days after Halloween are the spookiest of all. People like to pretend that there is an abrupt mood shift into the holiday season’s goodwill and shitty music, but I imagine the week after October as sort of a post-apocalyptic vacuum, wherein the cultish behavior and debauchery of the previous two weeks stagnate to form residual eeriness. Front porch pumpkins start to rot, and people hide away masks like nothing ever happened.

“Regret” by L.A.-based three-piece Levels captures this sense of languishing unease perfectly. Though the video is very up-front with its gory horror film aesthetic, the blissful coos and catchy hook make me think that the band is almost concertedly trying to ignore the recent fateful decision after which the song is likely named, one that ultimately ends in their fiery demise. Just because the calendar says it’s a new month doesn’t mean we’re absolved of the terrible decisions we made a few days ago (like my Miley Cyrus themed party, which ended with my apartment’s floor completely covered in soggy bread). Give it a few more days before holiday lights start to make you feel a bit better, but for now, embrace that weird feeling in the pit of your stomach.

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