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Image Gallery: Dollar, Dollar Bills, Y’All!!

mario dollar_FEATURE

by on November 10, 2013

Cash rules everything around me, and now that the Geeks have inherited the Earth I would like to present my top suggestions for future paper money designs. These are culled from various sources around the internet (lots of Tumblr and Google image searches)… enjoy!

10. Hagrid


9. Assassin’s Creed

assasins creed money

8. Dragonball Z


7. BILL Murray (get it? BILL?!??!?!)

billmurray dollar

6. Scorpion bucks!

scorpion money

5. In Bruce We Trust (Batman)


4. The Luigi stare-down


3. Super Mario Dollar!

mario dollar

2. Loki



1.  Terminator Lincoln

terminator dollar


Have you found other awesome dollar drawings? Have you colors on some cold hard cash? Send links and pictures to your favorites to me on Twitter or post them in the comments below!