Holiday Gift Guide: DOCTOR WHO


To keep the joy of the 50th Anniversary of Doctor Who rolling into the holiday season, we’ve got a guide to the best toys, games, goodies, and multi-media for the Time Lord-lover in your family (of which there should be several).


Yahtzee!Doctor Who Yahtzee – Rolling dice around in a cup is well and good, but jostling dice with monster faces on them instead of numbers around inside a TARDIS is perfection! Perhaps the Twelfth Doctor’s catch phrase should be “Yahtzee!” when he does something cool. That’s a good idea, I think.

Eleventh Doctor Mister Potato Head – You know you’ve made it once you get Mr. Potato-Headed, and Matt Smith has joined that illustrious group of Darth Vader and the Avengers with this grinning, sonic-screwdriver-having toy for kids of all ages.

Dalek Mister Potato Head – And what good is an Eleventh Doctor without a Dalek for him to battle? Or, at the very least, dismantle into facial-features if only to put them together again?

Mini FiguresEleven Doctors Mini Figure Set - You can’t have one without the other ten. The original Eleven Doctors mini-figure set gives you 2 inch depictions of Hartnell through Smith (Hurt not included) each with a sonic screwdriver where available and perfect for setting up on your desk and having various team-ups. I mean, when you aren’t working on work of course.

Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Blind Box Vinyl Figures – From Titan Entertainment, get one of the Eleven Doctors (guaranteed with this set). You won’t know which one, but it’ll probably be awesome any way you go. More good times for desktops.


RemoteTenth Doctor Sonic Screwdriver Universal Remote – The Eleventh Doctor one was so cool, how about a Tenth? This lightweight, but altogether awesome bit of electronics was sculpted based on a scan of David Tennant’s personal sonic screwdriver prop. It works as both a remote (with programmable movements) and a screen-accurate cosplay piece or displayable item.

TARDIS Night Light – Feel a bit scared of the dark? Just want a bit of comfort? Then bathe your room in the greenish-yellow light of the TARDIS as it staves away the Weeping Angels and Silence of your unconscious. You have weird dreams, by the way.

Dalek Knit Cap – Keep your head warm, make a fashion statement, and scare the life out of innocent people in the process. I mean, it’s pretty adorable, despite being so angry.


Blu-ray Set

Complete Series 1-7 Blu-ray Set with Eleventh Doctor Sonic Screwdriver Universal Remote - This might be the most gorgeous box set in the whole world. Get all of the new series on Blu-ray, with series 1-4 on BD for the first time ever (up-converted from the SD video), and with Matt Smith’s sonic screwdriver as a remote control. Now with a flick of a wrist you can make “The Eleventh Hour” play or turn on that in-vision commentary. Also includes exclusive IDW comic book, art prints, and a brand new disc of extras. Want to give the gift of New Who in one fell swoop? Here’s your chance.

The Day of the Doctor – Not out until December 10th, this is your chance to own the special that won all our hearts in a Blu-ray 3D/Blu-ray/DVD set.

The Tenth Planet – The First Doctor’s final story, which features the first regeneration and the first appearance of the Cybermen. See the story featured at the climax of An Adventure in Space and Time. The fourth episode is lost, but is presented here with brand new animation and the original off-air audio.

The Ice Warriors – Patrick Troughton’s first run-in with the titular Martian monsters, who made their return this year. Episodes 2 and 3 animated.

Spearhead from Space Blu-ray – The Third Doctor, Jon Pertwee’s first story and the only classic Who story to be shot entirely on film, hence its ability to be HD-ified. It looks gorgeous by the way.

Terror of the Zygons – The only previous appearance of the red, suction-cupped shape-shifters from “The Day of the Doctor.” Here, they battle Tom Baker’s Fourth Doctor, Sarah Jane Smith, Harry Sullivan, Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart, and all of UNIT with the Loch Ness Monster. For realsies.

So, saddle up those TARDISes and get ready to make your hearts beat extra fast when you give the gift of Doctor Who.

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