Exclusive: In The X-Men: Days of Future Past Timeline, Magneto Assassinated JFK

The video below, which is actually a clever viral marketing tool to direct fans to, a documentary-style exploration of the famous John F. Kennedy assassination purports that Erik Lehnsherr was responsible for the infamous “shot from the grassy knoll” that many conspiracy theorists believe killed the young President. Lehnsherr, of course, is the great master of magnetism Magneto, eventual leader of the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants! In this instance his magnetic manipulations are used to explain the so-called “magic bullet” found bent at a weird angle near the dead Kennedy’s head.

I’m hoping more fun facts like this pop up as we move closer to the release of Days of Future Past, it does make you wonder how many more alternative conspiracy theories there would be if we lived in a world where such things were real. Super heroes and mutants would make for interesting scapegoats for almost any unexplained crime, and I’m hoping director Bryan Singer further explores just how drastically the reality of mutant powers could alter the outcome of the future as we know it.  We’ll find out  when the film opens on May 23rd.


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