Doctor Who Themed Google Doodle Game Is The Coolest Ever

Whovians across the world, prepare to have your mind blown into ginormous proportions. We’ve had quite an eventful week celebrating the upcoming 50th anniversary of Dr. Who here at Nerdist HQ. But it appear as if we’re not the only ones going all out in celebration, as Google’s New Zealand-restricted search engine displays the company’s love for the series in one of the most awesome ways possible. If you head over to Google  New Zealand, you’ll not only see a Doctor Who themed Google logo, but you’ll be prompted to play a fun and slightly challenging Doctor Who mini-game.

I won’t tell you anything else beyond that because it’s best to have the entire experience on your own. Google normally doesn’t re-theme their logo unless there’s a gripping occasion like a holiday or historical event’s anniversary, so this goes to show you just how much the Whovian-intuitive has impacted the globe. After you finish the mini-game, be sure to share your score with the rest of us in the comments. Mine was 18:23 (Yeah I know, I’m a noob).

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