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Blizzard’s HEROES OF THE STORM Opens Beta Signups, Shows Off New Trailers

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by on November 8, 2013

Holy cannolis! Beta signups for Blizzard’s upcoming MOBA, Heroes of the Storm, were announced to be going live today at BlizzCon. Along with that announcement came an awesome cinematic trailer to give everyone a glimpse at the scale of fan service Blizzard intends to offer with HotS. To give you an idea, imagine if Sarah Kerrigan from Starcraft, Diablo himself, and the Lich King of World Of Warcraft teamed up to take on opposing forces. Yep, that’s exactly what you’re getting ready to watch right now.

That trailer was so epic, I’m hoping the game does it justice. A friendly reminder that Heroes of the Storm is a MOBA, which is certainly set to compete with the likes of D.O.T.A. 2 and League Of Legends. I’m sure those latter two games will come to mind upon viewing the following game play trailer, also released at BlizzCon today.

Heroes of the Storm is said to be “an homage to all of the amazing games” that we’ve enjoyed by Blizzard over the years. It was originally titled Blizzard All-Stars, but we can be thankful that they detected the cheesiness and excessiveness of “all-star” titles and went with something different. Make sure you have a account ready before going to sign up for the beta here.