30 Things Your Smartphone Replaced

As BuzzFeed listicles go, this one’s actually thought-provoking — in video form, it’s a list of “30 Things You No Longer Need Because of Smartphones.” And, well, most are true, at least in part. You don’t need a Rolodex, or a point-and-shoot camera, or a voice recorder or calculator or watch or alarm clock. But smartphones aren’t always perfect replacements for some things on the list — compasses, for example (at least, my phone tends to occasionally forget where due north is, which is inconvenient when using the GPS and seeing it think I’m facing a different direction), or a high-intensity flashlight, or for magazines (a tablet, sure, but a phone can’t adequately replicate in a comfortable form the reading of a long article). And Lord help us if the last one on the list is true (in some ways, it is….).

Are there things on this list your phone hasn’t really replaced? Are there things they missed? Comment below, please….


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