Win PACIFIC RIM on Blu-ray and Enjoy This Exclusive Clip

The above clip is an exclusive artist’s storyboard rendering of the majestic and mighty Shatterdome sequence from Pacific Rim, in which a trio of humanity’s most powerful Jaegers are flown via helicopter into Hong Kong Bay to fight what they think will be just another Kaiju. Oh, my heavens, are they wrong.

This clip is just one of the many things you’ll find on the extensive special features list for the Pacific Rim Blu-ray, which hits stores both real and virtual today. Guillermo del Toro’s epic world-building extravaganza pits a small but dedicated band of pilots and scientists against a seemingly endless cadre of titanic beasties coming from a crack in the Earth’s crust. Why are they here? Where do they come from? It’s taken a while to figure out. Luckily for humanity, Jaegers exist. Who wouldn’t think to create huge robots to battle otherworldly behemoths? And you get plenty of city-smashing and monster-blasting as only the master of cinema fantasy can give us.

Pacific Rim Blu-rayIf you think you’re brave enough to pilot your own Jaeger (we’re assuming you’re calling your recliner in front of your flatscreen a “Jaeger”), then you’ll definitely want to enter our contest for a chance to win a copy of Pacific Rim on Blu-ray. It’s got hours of behind-the-scenes and making-of content on every aspect of the film from its inception, designing, scripting, shooting, editing, scoring, and whatever else you can think of, all supervised by Guillermo del Toro himself. You’ll even get access to his own personal notebook, in interactive digital format, to give you a glimpse into the mad genius’ brain.

To enter to be one of five (5) winners, simply enter your email address and comment below with what your Pac Rim Timeline would be. What would you have done when the Kaiju were spotted? Let us know and you’ll be entered to win! Be sure, of course, that you’ve provided a valid email address for your comment or you’re sadly out of luck. Once you’re entered, you can share this fact by liking our Facebook, following us on Twitter, and encircling us on Google+ pages, share and comment, in order to receive extra chances. Four names are better than one; it’s like having two Jaegers on your side.

You’ve only got until Tuesday, October 22nd, 2013, to enter, or your contest timeline will certainly end with “Missed out on chance to win.”

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  • Once the Kaiju were spotted, I’d probably crap myself….THEN, I’d learn martial arts, get ripped, get my mind-meld on, fight some 200ft freakies and hopefully die a heroes death.

  • Once the Kaiju arrived and the Jaegers were out in force, I’d most likely be at home fanboying. I can see it now, simultaneously building models of my favorite Jaegers and wiping my frightened tears off the instruction booklets….

  • One: Panicked, because LA isn’t too far from San Francisco, as the giant extradimensional monster walks.

    Two: Once it became obvious that Kaiji were an epidemic and not a one-off disaster, moved back to Colorado (after one last farewell trip to Disneyland, of course).

    Three: Fundraised like mad for the PPDC.

  • I would head immediately to a safe zone in Freeport, Nova Scotia. Thankfully, it’s only a couple of hours from my house. Oh, wait, that’s my World War Z timeline. If it’s Kaiju, then we hit the road for Saskatoon!

  • Well I instinctively would want to move my family into the mountains, but considered we are woodland folk’ (we live in a National Forest) My family probably wouldn’t survive right away in the mountains. So perhaps I would just keep us there praying that we are secluded enough from the cities…

  • I would likely have signed up early on to be part of the Kaiju analysis team. Looking at footage of them in action and remains to find patterns and hopefully weaknesses.

  • I would have joined the Jaeger program after finding a way to secure family. The best place for me would have been part of the PR department. In the end it was politics that was dismantling the best strategy and focusing on ineffective plans. A good PR campaign would have helped keep public pressure on politicians to maintain support for the fighting heroes.

  • If I heard that we were under threat of a Kaiju attack, I would move my family to live either on the Golden Gate Bridge or in the Statue of Liberty, because y’know those things never get destroyed in apocalyptic movies.

  • I would love to say that I would go work to fight them but I have absolutely no skills in that field and would just be running around asking if I could play with the giant robots. Since this is more of a hinderance than a help I think I would just head for the northern woods in Maine where I live. I would build my fortress on top of a mountain and protect it with giant trebuchets that can hurl flaming barrels of oil at approaching monsters.I am already proficient in farming and rural living and I think I would survive just fine till someone much smarter than me was able to defeat them.

  • Living in manhattan, I figure I have three options:

    – hide in an old fallout shelter (which are marked all over around the city)

    – Make the long trek via the Lincoln or Holland Tunnel to Jersey (aka the mainland)

    – Similarly make my way to the Bronx to also join the mainland.

    You don’t want to be stuck on a island that is being destroyed Cloverfield style

  • I would have probably been getting out of class when the news broke. I would have headed to satellite(university food court) to check out what the news was saying and then planned from there. Probably while taking a call from mom freaked out mom.

  • I wouldn’t have to do jack. I work in finance for a steel company in Michigan, whether they’re using steel to build Jaegers or walls, I’ll just sit back and cash my bonus checks!

  • I was a math major in college and I love astrophysics, so the idea of alien life forms coming through what is essentially a wormhole would excite me to no end. I’d probably be like Charlie Day’s character and try to work in the science part of the defense program. I’d be way more interested in trying to understand how and why it’s all happening. Once the Kaiju are defeated, I’d use my work experience to get a job at NASA, cuz why the hell not.

  • More than likely there would be some panic followed by trying to get my family moved off of the coast. Now moved inland where land value will have just skyrocketed I would try to find work quite possibly ether directly working on planetary defense or is some support field given that the largest industry would now be Jager development.

  • Bring back Walter White by way of The Walking Dead virus and then make him make a Jaegar called MecaHiesenberg to fight out the Kaiju, it would be epic!

  • I’d probably get caught up in the Jaeger/Kaiju hype and buy all the merchandise after all the panic died down. Assuming I wasn’t killed in the first few attacks, that is.

  • First, I would probably panic and my first thought would be of running away. Granted, I live smacked down in the middle of FL so not much would probably happen. However, after a brief reality check I would jump into my own little Jaeger, Luna (my car), and I would go where the action is. Secondly, by any means possible I would try to help the PPDC. Once I make it in I can get close to the action and take photographs with my amateur Kodak Az521 camera so that I can transfer them to ink and paper (I am an artist after all!). In the end, I can tell future generations of how I helped save humanity and became a famous artist in the process.

  • I would scream uncontrollably, crap my pants and hide under my bed. After a few days, I would take my wife and kids and move to Montana, ’cause there is no reason for Kaiju to come to Montana (or anyone else, for that matter).

  • First I’d need to procure new underwear from the nearest black marketeer that immediately popped into existence.

    Years of SF reading/watching/writing have prepared me for the realities of that day, so I’d like to think I’d be one of the first to sign up to stop the damn things.

  • It’s been 6 weeks since the first Kaiju came and destroyed everything in it’s path. Hiding in these Mayan ruins in Guatemala is the only place we felt we could be safe from an attack. Away from civilization. Living off the land as our ancestors did isn’t so hard when you don’t have to focus on earning money to buy the necessities of life. My plan wasn’t to stay here though. I just wanted to make sure my family was safe. in 2 weeks time I plan on leaving to enlist in the fight the Kaiju as a warrior.
    * 2 Weeks Later *
    They would not except me. Something to do with my vision and if one of my contacts falls out, it would leave me blinded and unable to fight a Kaiju. I return to my family in Guatemala to find they have all died of Small Pox.

  • Move as far away from the oceans as I can. Settle on the Grand Tetons, from where I can spot any kaiju coming. Plant explosives around to cause massive rockslides if they try crawling up.

  • 1. Panic
    2. Think – “All my childhood tv shows were right – giant monsters did exist. I should have paid more attention to what happened in the show.”
    3. Everyone else is leaving so why not plunder the abandoned stores and attempt to hide it out in basements with a horde of food supplies

  • I’d sit back and relax- the dummies wouldn’t bother attacking my town, up by lake Huron, would it? I mean, I guess it would be possible to swim up the Saint Laurence river and navigate through the Great Lakes, but what self-respecting Kaiju would pass by Quebec City, Montreal, Toronto, Cleveland and Detroit without stopping to wreak a little havoc?

    I’d have plenty of time to find and even more remote location in Saskatchewan.

  • This is my ideal scenario for Earth’s reaction:

    Day1-Year1: Use conventional weapons. Evacuate all coastal areas. Keep bureaucrats busy at UN. Scientists (NASA)/select military initiate coalition with countries capable of producing 21st century weapons. Use former (there’s a bunch) of former space shuttle landing sites to become bases for manufacture, R&D and pilot training. Jaeger headquarters at Cheyenne Mountain. Use/develop non-conventional power sources (geothermal, solar, nuclear). Advertise big rewards for data on Kaiju, huge rewards for physical evidence.

    Year2: Jaegers developed into Stealth aircraft with amphibious capabilities. Drifitng involve multi-personnel and rotate among crew. Drifting refined to center into frontal lobe/left brain only involvement. Creative decisions provided by non-drifting crew.

    Year2+: Deus ex machina would involve Elon Musk’s ideas and certain high-tech corporation’s past profits.

    I really should have paid more attention to my physics, chemistry and geology courses!

  • 1. Panic
    2. Find a safe place to take shalter
    3. Study the Kaiju as Dr. Newton did
    4. Disguise myself as a baby Kaiju
    5. Work my way through the gateway to their world
    6. Live amongst the Kaiju
    7. Find their leader
    8. Destroy the leader
    9. Rule the Kaiju
    10. Wipe out Earth for the heck of it