Watch This 17 Minute BATMAN: ARKHAM ORIGINS Walkthrough

Have you ever wondered what the first couple of years of Batman’s career must have been like? Today, the folks at Warner Brothers Montreal have released a 17 minute gameplay walkthrough to better prepare everyone for exploring the beginning stages of the Dark Knight’s tenure as badass masked vigilante.

The walkthrough reaffirms the franchise’s flashy combat system, as well as gives us an inside look at the Batcave, which serves as a training ground for players to hone their skills and a place to experiment with new gadgets. WB Montreal Gameplay Director Michael McIntyre and Senior Producer Ben Mattis will be your Gotham City tour guides today, so sit back and enjoy the show:

Our favorite bat makes his way back onto gaming platforms this Friday, October 25, on PS3, Xbox 360, Wii U, and PC (Windows).

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