The Purge: Fear the Night and Monsterpalooza Bring Fear to Southern California!

Monsterpalooza in Burbank, California is a ghoul filled convention celebrating zombies, werewolves, vampires, and other strange and horrifying creatures.  Award winning special FX artists meet with fans, there’s a whole section dedicated to monster related art work, a walk-through Monster Museum, and a bunch of celebrity guests. If you couldn’t join the action in person, our friends at Beyond The Marquee went for you; here’s their on-the-ground coverage of all the gory goodies found at Monsterpalooza:

Meanwhile… Beyond The Marquee host Jon Donahue also visited another L.A. scare spot, The Purge: Fear The Night, a maze based on the movie. The riveting video begins with an interview with Jason Blum of Blumhouse Productions (the company behind the maze as well as the film it’s based on), but then Donahue, who I now consider the bravest man in the world, takes you on a video walkthough of the maze of madness. I’m terrified of mazes (mentioned in my Rob Zombie Haunted Maze post), primarily because I am a sucker for “jump scares”, but Jon Donahue? NO, SIR. Jon Donahue takes no guff from the lunatics and maniacs that pop out at him around every turn on his walkthough. He quips like Spider-man facing off against the Sinister Six at the sight of a crazy-person smashing a dead baby against a window! Kudos to you, Mr. Donahue.

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