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The Indoor Kids: Life Tips with Devin Faraci

Today we welcome back our old pal Devin Faraci, Badass in Chief of Badass Digest, to the show to talk about anything from GTA torture to weight loss tips to the problem with fandom. Plus we play a Twitter game all about your biggest gaming disappointments.

GTA V, Red Dead Redemption, Simpson’s Tapped Out, Animal Crossing, Super Mario 3 D Land, Paper Mario, Beyond: Two Souls, Mass Effect

Unforgiven, The Devil’s Backbone, Pan’s Labyrinth, Martyrs, Schindler’s List, Ant-Man, Guardians Of The Galaxy, Thor, Man of Steel, The Mafu Cage, Black Devil Doll From Hell (not Black Devil Doll), Pieces, May, Carrie, Blow Out, Orphan, The Orphanage, Cannibal Ferox (Make Them Die Slowly), Cannibal Holocaust, Hostel, Hostel Part II, Cabin Fever, Severance, The Wrestler, The King of Kong, and Zero Charisma

Cujo, Doctor Sleep

Tropes vs. Women


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