TALKING DEAD Sunday: Marilyn Manson, Jack Osbourne, Gale Anne Hurd

TalkingDead102713GRIDWhat show could possibly have a panel of Marilyn Manson, Jack Osbourne, and producer Gale Anne Hurd, all discussing The Walking Dead and answering your questions live as soon as the episode’s over? Only one: AMC’s Talking Dead, hosted by our own Chris Hardwick. And that’s what you’ll get tonight, in the Halloween week edition of the afterlife… er, aftershow.

talkingdeadlogo2013As always, post your The Walking Dead questions to the Talking Dead site at and post your question. And then watch Talking Dead at 10/9c, right after The Walking Dead on AMC.

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  • I’ll just put it out there that Manson can be rather intelligent and well paced in interviews.

    But yeah, he was drunk and it was obvious from the first five minutes. How did anyone let him on the show?

  • I love Manson, high or not – if I were going on live tv, I’d be more comfortable high than not – I don’t get high often but this would be one instance I would consider – love you Manson =]

    Fan since 1995

  • I felt SO uncomfortable watching Manson on tonight’s episode. I can’t say I’m a fan of his, so I don’t know how he normally is on talk shows and interviews, but he just didn’t seem like he was contributing anything constructive to the conversation. Hats off to Chris for keeping it all together (and for not-so-subtlety jabbing at Manson).

  • I LOVE Manson (I have Him tattooed ALL over me).. I cant decide if he is a super intelligent guy only when he’s high, but I am SO sad right now!!! He needs a bump!!! Give the man some cocaine, so he
    can make some f★cking sense!
    I LOVE YOU MARILYN!!! Do some drugs please…

  • That hour felt like 10 hours. Brutal Television. I enjoyed Marilyn Manson much more when his microphone was off. Jack Osbourne must be a saint because Manson interrupt him every time he spoke. I would have busted out my zombie bat this this arrogant A-hole. Looked off camera every time someone else spoke and wanted to come off cool and aloof instead came off sad. Chris Hardwick – you deserve double pay for that show.

  • Sure he might have been out of it or what ever. But I still think they were rude to him. Sure he might have deserved it, but as you said it was live tv! On break you could have had him leave and said he had to leave after break and came up with a reason excuse for the reason why he was not there. All I am saying is that deserved it or not the whole situation could’ve been handled a bit better and with a bit more tact!

  • Best talking dead episode . Bring marylin back. He injected some unpredictability in an otherwise straight-laced show. And for everyone who couldn’t understand him – open your mind and try harder . I know it’s difficult to *think* when you’re watching tv, but it can be done.

  • I’m kind of disappointed Manson didn’t take the show more seriously. I think had he not been stoned, could have connected some of his disconnected thoughts and added some value to the discussion.

  • Chris Harwick you handled Manson SO well! That was painful to watch and I almost turned it off but I’m so glad I stayed to hear your laugh out loud comments toward Manson. Please bring back Jack Osborne, I think he had some good things to add but was unfortunately on a show that got hijacked by a crazy person. I hope this makes it into @midnight somehow

  • Please NEVER let Manson near the set again. This is the first episode of Talking Dead I haven’t watched every second of. I got through the first 2 minutes of the show (of which MM talked incoherently 1 minute and 59 seconds) and then just hit fast forward to the sneak peak. Just unwatchable.

  • I am a big fan of Manson, but sweet baby Jesus that was difficult to watch. We were trying to figure out if he was high or if this was the negative affects of many years of drug use. Harwick handled the situation on live TV better than anyone else could. I wish I could have seen the same show with Seacrest hosting so I could watch that mother burn on live TV.

  • Lets face it – Doug Benson was stoned too and he was able to hold a polite and engaging conversation on Talking Dead. Something else was up with Manson and it seemed like some was intentional. I thought Chris handled things well – its hard to be that frustrated with someone on live TV and still have it come across as funny. Seemed like Jack Osborne just gave up after a bit because every time he started to talk Manson jumped in with another inane comment.

  • Yeah, this was the first Talking Dead I couldn’t watch. I lasted about 5 minutes. Marilyn Manson wasn’t even an entertaining drunk/druggie–he was monotonous and rambling. I’d’ve watched if he occasionally just blurted out the painfully obvious–“It’s about MORALITY!”–but he spent about 5 minutes rambling over everyone else to get there.
    Like stale gum you can’t stop chewing. Terrible TV.
    Glad to hear Chris Hartwick handled it well. He seems like such an awesome, genuine guy.

  • OMG. MM is so in love with himself. Every time they came back from a commercial break he had to do the “crossing of the arms things”. He really loves the camera on him. Every time he opened his mouth, he made zero sense. And how could Carol’s daughter be feeding the walkers the rats? Sofia died in Season 2. Get a clue MM. Go back to your rock and crawl back under. KUDOS to Chris Hardwick for handling the situation masterfully

  • I’m painfully making my way through the recorded episode but man, is it rough! For the 1st several minutes every time MM starts to ramble I actually listened somewhat trying to make sense of it, but now I’m just like, “what?!?” every time he opens his mouth & zipping through it with FFWD button. I’m thinking it’s a combo if years of drug abuse & current inebriation causing his spaced out incoherency.

  • Was so excited to see Manson…then found out he was incredibly drunk. He’s usually so well spoken that I was looking forward to his spot on the Talking Dead more than anyone else they’ve ever had. It was so painful to watch, and while it was annoying, I do agree that it could have been handled with more tact rather than blatantly insulting someone who’s been famous since you were in diapers – AHEM Chris Hardwick. As if it wasn’t painful enough already, bad poker face. He should have just been taken off the show at a break.

  • @Elly – Marylin Manson is 44, Chris Hardwick is 41, and Hardwick became famous on Mtv before Manson so you may want to look into some facts before typing.

    @stoli – Manson is the rude mother fucker for coming on to a well established TV show in that state of mind, interrupting people while they’re speaking, not having a good knowledge base of the show he is supposed to be talking about, and not showing respect to the other guests by listening to what they have to say while they are speaking (before he interrupts them)

  • I really wanted to hear more from Jack and Gale, so sad Marilyn couldn’t take a hint and stop babbling. I enjoyed Chris picking at him and still giving him a chance to redeem himself, which never happened. I feel like Marilyn has only seen a couple episodes of the show and wanted to sound intelligent about what little he did know. Also he bought all the comics but has never read any? Such a weird thing to disclose.

  • The Walking Dead is one of the most overrated shows on television. That the audience was too stupid to get 1/2 of Manson’s jokes does not surprise me at all. Let them continue supping at the ADHD dispensing teet of Hardwick’s overcaffinated banter.

  • Even drunk Manson is fairly entertaining.
    He really needs his own show though, and about 4 hours to ramble on about everything in that little head of his. I’d watch it. Beats the Walking Dead.

  • Some shows reward deeper inspection, a thorough examination from all angles. The Walking Dead, as a franchise, punishes it.

    All you have to do is see the twaters they bring up for questions on TD to see the audience members are not the sharpest knives in the drawer.

  • I really wanted to see Gale and Jack continue jerking each other off. Nothing like an advertisement dressed up as an after-show, eh Jack?

    For a second he almost made a valid point, then remembered where he was and just continued stroking Gale off about how awesome WD is…

  • The first 20 minutes of last nights show were very difficult to watch and I almost had to turn it off. When Hardwick told Manson that he had no idea what he was saying I was hooked and it quickly became the best episode yet. I suggest that Manson become a weekly guest because you can’t create the chemistry that Hardwick and Manson had. I have seen interviews with Manson before and he is awkward, obtuse, immature and annoying all while making the mistake that thinking because he’s rich and famous that he’s also smart. Last night was Hardwick’s shining moment. Well done.

  • So the Sheriff’s hat is symbolic? Huh, I never made the connection.
    Good job holding it together, Chris. I’d have lost my shit with that self-absorbed ass in less than 5 minutes. Please talk about this experience on the next “Hostful.” Ignore the TROLLS!

  • The first 20 minutes of last night’s show were very difficult to watch and I almost had to turn it off. When Hardwick told Manson that he had no idea what he was saying I was hooked and it quickly became the best episode yet. I suggest that Manson become a weekly guest because you can’t create the chemistry that Hardwick and Manson had. I have seen interviews with Manson before and he is awkward, obtuse, immature and annoying all while making the mistake that thinking people want anything other than warm, heaping spoonfuls of predigested pseudo-intellectual infomercials. Last night was my bald head’s shining moment. Well done.

    Can’t wait until next week when the circle jerk continues and we get to pretend Walking Dead is a thinking man’s Twilight.

  • I’m a thinking man. All I saw was some poof in makeup and drunk to boot. Is this the kind of family intertainment AMC allows on the airwaves? Then there was this Manson character.

  • I don’t care about Manson or Chris “Angry Little Bird” Hardwick. What’s up with Jack Osbourne acting like an ingratiating, spineless submissive to Gale’s cold authority? Some serious Mother / Son action going on there. Gave me the willies.

  • +1 to Manson for joking about genital warts on prime time television. That alone was worth the price of admission. I.E. sitting through Gale pegging her sex slaves, Jack and Chris.

  • Favorite part:

    Gale: “We have some very twisted people working at Walking Dead!”
    Manson (off camera, totally ‘straight’): Oh really? wow.

    Haha, you couldn’t even see him. Just hear his little voice. hahaha.

  • This Manson fella just put a KING SIZED bee in my bonnet! Me and my wife (and kids) were looking forward to some quality time together all week. I work two jobs at the school here, anyways. Manson, if your reading this, you better never come to Johnson City, Texas, you’ll have me on you like a nest of angry hornets.