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SNL Promo: Miley Cyrus


by on October 2, 2013

This Saturday, October 5th, Miley Cyrus makes her triumphant post-VMA, post-freaking out the world, appearance on SNL, doing double-duty as both host and musical guest.

If you were wondering if the show would be addressing TwerkGate, just take a peek at this week’s promos (with the always hilarious Taran Killam) and be reassured that we’ll be getting some serious tongue-action come Saturday night.

Will Miley manage to top her jaw-dropping MTV performance, and is that even humanly possible? I’m gonna take a guess and say we’ll be hearing a lot about this show in the coming weeks. Watch it at 11:30 pm, Oct 5th on NBC to see it all happen for yourself.

Live from New York, like a wrecking ball.


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