SAW’s Jigsaw is the World’s Worst Roommate

Halloween is right around the corner, which means that rent is also due shortly thereafter. Having moved last year on Halloween, I can tell you that it’s no picnic, but compared to moving in with Jigsaw, the creepy puppet from the Saw films, it seems like a walk in the park (to keep with the outdoor activity metaphors). Considering his whole shtick was finding people who were wasting their lives and putting them through the murderous gauntlet in an effort to “save” them, I can only imagine how he’d react when you left dirty dishes in the sink. Just what is it like living with the world’s nitpickiest and stabbiest roommate? Find out in Living with Jigsaw, a hilarious sketch from newly anointed Nerdist Alliance partner Chris Capel, a/k/a HandleBarMoustacheLand.

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